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  1. Maukasa
    Maukasa 1 year ago

    The longer the count goes on, the more votes the Democrats get. hummmm?

  2. Daijin 1 year ago

    hey sexxy,hit me up ?

  3. Dougor 1 year ago

    That little lady is so hott

  4. Voodoogul 1 year ago

    Yes, I've heard of. But more intersting is the tragedy of Darth Cunteis, the Cherry. It's a fucked up legend. Darth Cherry was a Dark Cherry of the Geeks, so cherry and so unspoiled he could use his dick to mix milk and sugar. He had sucked skill from Pornhub and that granted him the power to masturbate thinking about the ones he cared.

  5. Kajira
    Kajira 1 year ago

    Hi dear do you like Brown cock2?

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