Glasgow stripper


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  1. Masho
    Masho 1 year ago

    I worked with the Georgia Democratic party, campaigning for Ms. Abrams. We have a runoff on Dec 4, to decide the Secretary of State race. This is the most important race of all. I will be busy until Dec 4th. In 2020, Stacey can run for Senator against David Perdue. Stacey has a bright future ahead of her.

  2. Shakarn 1 year ago

    You the chicago area

  3. Akinogore 1 year ago

    whoever keeps tearing off her rivulets, shaaaaaame on you for being a dirty pleb

  4. Dara 1 year ago

    If I told you I love you would you believe me?

  5. Mazusar 1 year ago

    What's up I'm trying to taste it

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